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Hicks Law Firm Obtains $600,000 Settlement for Victim in Motorcycle Accident

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Attorneys at Hicks Law Firm obtained a $600,000 settlement for the victim of a motorcycle v. automobile accident in which the firm’s client was seriously injured and suffered significant financial loss.

In March of 2023, at approximately 2:44 PM, Mr. Hicks’ client was operating his motorcycle at a normal speed. He was traveling westbound on W 19th Street, just west of Pomona Avenue in the City of Costa Mesa heading home from the gym. At that time, another driver was operating her Mercedes traveling eastbound in the opposite direction. The Mercedes driver made a left turn without paying attention, directly in front of Mr. Hicks’ client, causing his motorcycle to strike the sedan, throwing him from his bike. As a result, he suffered multiple catastrophic injuries.

While the driver of the Mercedes claimed she thought the roadway was clear for her to make a left turn, a witness observed the entire incident and placed 100% of responsibility on the driver of the Mercedes, stating that Mr. Hicks’ client had a green light at Pomona Avenue and never had to stop.

The responding officer found Mercedes driver to be at primary fault in the collision for violating the law. The client’s motorcycle was deemed a total loss as a result of the collision.

Following the crash and while still at the scene of the crash site, Mr. Hicks’ client experienced pain in his rib and chest area. Paramedics found him lying in the street confused, he reported loss of consciousness and complained of back pain. He was placed in a C-collar and had an obvious deformity to his right forearm which paramedics splinted with an air-splint. He had abrasions to his forehead, bridge of nose, positive deformity to his right forearm, pain upon palpation to both hips, left upper thigh abrasion and bilateral abrasions to both knees. He was transported to a nearby trauma center.

“This settlement will go a long way toward helping my client get the medical care he needs to live his life.

The negligent driver’s actions cost my client his health and drastically changed his quality of life following the incident,” said Aaron T. Hicks, founding partner at Hicks Law Firm. “His livelihood, lifestyle, and quality of life was altered for the worse following a crash he had no responsibility for whatsoever. This settlement will go a long way toward helping him get the medical care he needs to live his life.

Following the crash, Mr. Hicks’ client suffered from daily pain and extreme apprehension about driving or being a passenger in any type of vehicle. He lives in constant fear about being involved in another accident or when he sees cars too close to him, according to the complaint.

My client was stuck in the hospital for five days, in extreme amounts of pain and with multiple fractures all over his body,” added Mr. Hicks. “He was also forced to go through ORIF surgery of his right radius and right ulna, where he now has hardware permanently embedded inside of his body as a result of this crash.

About Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks is a civil trial attorney and founder of Hicks Law Firm, based in Orange County with offices in San Diego and Tennessee. His practice includes representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, dog bites and wrongful death – learn more about our motorcycle accident practice. Mr. Hicks is an AV Rated attorney, Super Lawyer and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association where he serves as 1st Vice President.

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