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Nashville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

attorney Aaron HicksThe great freedom you feel when riding your bike comes at a cost. Besides your bike, helmet, and wits, there’s not much to protect you. Nashville poses many threats to bicyclists, no matter how careful they may be. You may suffer an accident because of a pedestrian, a fellow biker, or a vehicle. Given how vulnerable you are, a bike accident may cause significant, lifelong injuries.

Hicks Law Firm protects the rights and interests of injured bicycle accident victims. We investigate these crashes, negotiate favorable compensation settlements with insurance companies, and take cases to court when necessary.  Contact Aaron Hicks at Hicks Law Firm at (615) 200-0084 or complete our online contact form today to schedule your free consultation.

When Can an Injured Cyclist Collect Compensation for a Bike Injury?

Most cases use the negligence legal theory, though you can also file a lawsuit against someone who intentionally harmed you. Facts and evidence are the foundation of negligence cases, so you must contact us as soon as possible after your bike accident. The longer the delay in starting our investigation, the more likely evidence and witnesses will be lost.

The plaintiff (you, the injured party filing a lawsuit) has the burden of showing that it’s more likely than not the defendant (the responsible party being sued) was negligent when causing the bike accident and your injuries. That’s proven by establishing:

  • The defendant owed you, because of the relationship between the two of you (you shared the road), a duty or obligation to use reasonable care
  • The defendant violated that obligation or breached this duty by doing or failing to do something
  • That’s the factual and legal (or proximate) cause of the bike accident and your injuries
  • You suffered actual, quantifiable harm as a result. Damages are the value of the harm measured in dollars
  • Under Tennessee law, the defendant is obliged to compensate you for your damages

Defendants could be any party that contributed to the accident, so there could be more than one.

What Compensation Might I Collect?

Under Tennessee law, plaintiffs can collect economic and noneconomic damages with certain limits. Economic damages are past and expected future financial losses due to the bike collision (including medical bills, reduced income, or the cost of replacing your bike). Noneconomic damages include:

  • Physical, psychological, and emotional pain
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring
  • The harm done to your relationships
  • Lost enjoyment of everyday activities

Compensation is typically paid by an insurer whose policy covers the defendant’s negligent acts, though the party could pay it directly.

Your share of the fault for the accident would reduce your damages award. If a judge or jury finds your actions or failures to act are half or more of the accident’s cause, your case will be dismissed, and you won’t collect any compensation.

You also must act reasonably to limit the harm you suffer (to mitigate your damages). Tennessee law requires those 15 or younger to wear a bike helmet. Despite this, no matter your age, if you don’t use a helmet and suffer head injuries, a defendant may claim you didn’t act reasonably, and they should only pay for the injuries you would’ve received if you wore one.

Why Should I Hire Aaron Hicks If I’m Injured in a Nashville Bicycle Accident?

The more serious your injuries, the more you risk if you try to negotiate a settlement yourself. There are many reasons to hire Aaron Hicks to help you obtain the maximum compensation possible, including:

  • Legal knowledge and experience: Personal injury law can be complex, and a bicycle accident attorney with experience representing clients injured in bicycle accidents can help you navigate the insurance process and the legal system. Aaron Hicks understands how negligence and insurance laws work and how to build a strong case
  • Investigation: The Hicks Law Firm has the resources and expertise to investigate your accident. This may involve gathering evidence such as police reports, witness statements, accident reconstruction analysis, and medical records to establish the other party’s fault and your damages
  • Determining liability: Deciding who may be at fault for your accident requires a firm understanding of the facts and applicable laws. This not only helps establish your case but may build claims against multiple parties who may have caused the accident
  • Maximizing compensation: Aaron Hicks will consider all the facts and come up with a fair value for your case. Insurance companies often try to minimize settlements to injured parties. He will negotiate with the insurer while advocating for you and ensuring you receive fair compensation for your damages
  • Peace of mind: Aaron Hicks will deal with the insurance company, the negotiations, and the legal system, so you won’t have to. You can focus on recovery and your family and avoid the stress that would come with trying to take on the insurance company by yourself

Retaining Aaron Hicks will significantly improve the chances of a favorable outcome for you and your family while you get back to your life.

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Hicks Law Firm bicycle accident attorneys in Tennessee can discuss your accident, insurance, negotiations, settlements, and Tennessee law. We offer FREE initial consultations so you can quickly get the answers you need. In this initial case review, our bicycle accident lawyers will talk about your legal options so you can make an informed choice about which one is right for you and your family. Call us today at (615) 200-0084 or fill out our confidential contact form, and we’ll get back to you immediately.