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Nashville Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability law covers injuries caused by defective products. You trusted the manufacturer and the company selling it, followed the directions, and were injured despite your precautions. Locally born & raised attorney Aaron Hicks represents clients harmed by unsafe products that were used as intended so they can get the compensation they deserve for the harm they suffer.

Legal Representation for Nashville Area Residents Injured by Defective Products

attorney Aaron HicksAaron Hicks is a Nashville product liability lawyer who helps people obtain compensation for injuries and financial losses caused by dangerous products. Hicks Law Firm is ready and able to help those in Tennessee get the best outcome possible after a product injured them in some way. If you have questions or want representation, call us at (615) 200-0084.

How Complicated are Product Liability Cases?

Product liability law involves a wide range of issues because any product that isn’t safe for its intended purpose can cause these accidents. A product may fail to warn users of known risks, have a defective design, or be manufactured improperly.

These cases often require lengthy evidence gathering and expert help to unravel how a product is defective, why, and how a defendant may be legally responsible. This is especially true if a drug or a chemical harms someone over a long period.

Defendants could be anyone in the supply chain who provided raw materials or designed, engineered, manufactured, marketed, or sold the product. It might be a multinational corporation that manufactured it halfway across the globe to a local business selling the product.

Defendants usually have insurance coverage and the benefit of teams of lawyers and experts. Millions of dollars could be at stake in damages and lost sales, so insurers and manufacturers may use their extensive resources to defend these claims. But Hicks Firm has resources and expertise too, and we hold defendants responsible for their actions in product liability cases.

What are Examples of Defective Products?

The following would be products that could be subject to product liability claims:

  • Vehicle tires whose treads separate under normal use
  • Medical devices that shed slivers of metal into the bloodstream
  • Medications that cause known severe, lasting side effects without warnings
  • Batteries that overheat and start fires when they recharge
  • Vehicle airbags that spray metal pieces into occupants when they inflate
  • Toys a child could swallow and choke on
  • Machinery with defective wiring that can electrocute the person operating it
  • Food contaminated with something that may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction

There are so many products that could be defective in a dangerous way, the list could be practically endless.

Who Might be Impacted by the Product?

Any item might be the subject of a product liability case whether a few people buy it locally or it’s sold to millions worldwide. You may be one of a handful of people injured by it, or the same product could injure thousands. The outcome may not just be compensation. The item may get a needed warning label, how it’s made may change, or sales may stop. The lawsuit may benefit others, and many more may avoid future injuries.

How Do Product Liability Cases Work?

Usually, a product meets consumers’ ordinary expectations. The product is safe and performs as it should, so it’s fit for its particular purpose. One or both of these conditions aren’t met if it injures someone.

A product liability case is built on the evidence of what the product was supposed to do, how and why it caused injuries, and how you were harmed. The case may be based on common law (law developed over the years by judicial decisions), contract law, tort law, or strict product liability.

Strict product liability claims are usually based on three defect causes (there may be more than one in your case):

  • Manufacturing: The product is dangerous because mistakes were made when it was assembled, built, or created
  • Design: It was hazardous from the start because it was poorly and unsafely designed. Even the best manufacturing won’t make it safe
  • Marketing: The product isn’t safe for its intended purpose. It’s marketed and sold to be used dangerously. It might be safe for another use, but there are inadequate warnings, labels, or instructions for how the manufacturer wants the product to be used or consumed

Unlike a vehicle accident or slip and fall injury case, you need not show the defendant is negligent (though it may be part of the case if the facts show it). You don’t have to show there was a relationship between you and the defendant. They owe you a duty of care, which they breached, causing your injuries. A jury in a strict liability case may hold a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or wholesaler liable if it’s proven the product is unsafe.

You may also have a breach of warranty claim. If the product came with a warranty claiming it could do certain things safely if used a certain way, its claims are false and you are injured, the warranty is broken or breached. Products also have an implied warranty of fitness. If it doesn’t function as advertised and you’re injured, you may have legal claims against those involved with the product.

What Damages Might I Recover in a Product Liability Case?

You may be entitled to recover from the harm caused by the product’s defect(s), including:

  • Past and expected future bills for medical treatment, physical and occupational rehabilitation, psychological care, and medications
  • Past and future lost wages and benefits
  • Property damage
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress

If a defendant’s actions were reckless, malicious, or show indifference to others’ health and safety, you may be awarded punitive damages. They’re meant to punish the defendant and discourage it, and others like it, from taking the same or similar acts in the future.

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