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Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

attorney Aaron HicksAt Hicks Law Firm, we’ve seen enough motorcycle accidents to know just how devastating and life-changing they can be. Even if you use the proper riding gear, follow California’s motorcycle laws to a T, and exercise extreme caution while cruising around Newport Beach, you could still find yourself in a serious collision.

When you are hurt in a motorcycle crash, don’t fight the insurance company on your own. Turn to an attorney with experience in motorcycle accident claims and find out what your next step should be. Call Hicks Law Firm at 949-541-9944 or submit a contact form now to set up a time to talk to our personal injury team now.

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly common across the United States, and in almost everyone, motorcyclists bear the brunt of injuries and property damage. While there are many different things that lead to crashes, the vast majority are the result of human error. Some commonly reported accident triggers include:

  • Opening the door into a lane of traffic: This is common in urban settings where cars park directly next to a lane of traffic. When a driver opens their door in front of a motorcyclist, they almost never have enough time to stop. The force of the car door can throw them off their bike.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic: This is dangerous for everyone, but it is especially dangerous for motorcyclists. While motorcycles take up less space, that also makes them harder to see. A bike weaving through traffic is at greater risk of being hit.
  • Drugs and alcohol: Drug and alcohol impairment is a factor in a staggering amount of collisions. Drunk driving crashes are already more likely to be severe than non-impaired crashes, and when you add in a motorcyclist with minimal protection from a crash, the results can be fatal.
  • Failing to leave enough space: Motorcyclists need more space than cars, but many drivers either don’t know that or don’t care. Getting too close to a motorcycle means that if they stop, the driver behind them cannot stop in time.
  • Distractions: This is a huge factor for both drivers and motorcyclists. Cell phones, outdoor sights, food, and beverages are all common distractions.
  • Poor road conditions: Bikers are more affected by poor road conditions than drivers, putting them in danger when it rains.
  • Failing to judge distance and speed properly: Drivers often struggle to know how fast a motorcycle is moving or how far away it is. This often leads to accidents at intersections.

Motorcycle Accidents in California

Although motorcyclists are still over-represented in traffic fatalities, the trend is starting to move in the right direction. Between 2018 and 2019, motorcycle fatalities dropped by
over 9%
. During the same time frame, deaths caused by not wearing a helmet dropped by 18%.

California has strict laws in place to keep motorcyclists safe. Bikers under the age of 21 must take a 15-hour course, although the state does recommend that older riders also take a safety course. You must pass a driving test before receiving your license. Like many other states, California requires all riders under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Motorcyclists in California are allowed to practice lane splitting, assuming that traffic is slow or at a standstill. It is not legal when traffic is moving at normal speed.

How the Team at Hicks Law Firm Can Help

Motorcyclists have a bad reputation—even though passenger vehicle drivers cause numerous accidents through their recklessness or inattentiveness, it’s often assumed that motorcyclists are to blame. It’s already hard enough to get a fair settlement from an insurance company. When you’re a motorcyclist, the odds are stacked against you even more.
At Hicks Law Firm, we know what you’re up against and how high the stakes are. You need to get your medical bills covered, get your bike repaired or replaced, and get back to normal—but how? Our team is here to investigate your crash and hold the negligent party accountable. We’ll help you avoid the tricks that insurance companies use to cheat victims out of a fair settlement, and we’ll demand the compensation you are owed.

Start Your Claim Today—Contact Us Now

A motorcycle crash can cause a ripple effect in every area of your life. Let our team of attorneys help you fight for justice. Schedule a consultation now by calling us at 949-541-9944 or getting in touch online.