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Tustin Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

attorney Aaron HicksYou’re cruising on the open road. The wind whips around you, the California sun shines high above you, and the day could not be more perfect. This is what brings bikers like you back to the road again and again. While riding is perhaps one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have, it also comes with risks. Tustin motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries, lost productivity, and financial ruin.

That’s why it’s important to act quickly if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle crash. The team at Hicks Law Firm can help you fight for fair compensation. Just give us a call at 949-541-9944 or submit a contact form now to get started.

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Why Motorcycle Accidents Are So Different From Other Vehicle Crashes

While you never want to be in any sort of vehicle accident, you really never want to find yourself at the center of a motorcycle collision. They have unique risks and challenges that you won’t find in other types of crashes.

To start, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in severe injuries. A crash that would be minor if it involved two passenger vehicles could be deadly when a motorcyclist is involved. Consider a sideswipe accident. With two cars, both vehicles would likely suffer minor to moderate damage and there may be minor injuries involved. If a car merges into a lane where there’s already a biker, though, they could cause the motorcycle to flip over, throwing the motorcyclist into the path of oncoming traffic.

Additionally, the legal issues involved with motorcycle crashes can be very complex. While insurance companies may approach a case with two passenger vehicles with a neutral stance, the same isn’t often true when a motorcycle is involved. In these scenarios, many adjusters automatically assume that the biker is to blame. There are also motorcycle-specific laws in play that could further complicate your case. This can make an already-challenging task feel nearly impossible.

Common Injuries

Bikers involved in collisions may experience a variety of injuries. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list—injuries vary, depending on where the motorcyclist was struck, how fast both parties were going, and what type of protective gear you were wearing. Commonly reported injuries include:

  • Head injuries: Although head injuries are always a possibility, they are especially dangerous for those who ride without a helmet. Even with a helmet, a biker could suffer severe traumatic brain injuries in an accident.
  • Spinal cord damage: The spinal cord is under an enormous amount of stress in a collision. Potential injuries include herniated discs, nerve damage, and full or partial paralysis.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones are very likely in motorcycle collisions. Broken legs are fairly common, as are broken arms, ribs, and collarbones. Injuries to the hands and feet are also possible.
  • Road rash: Whether you simply fall from your bike or are thrown off of it, road rash is a common outcome. Not only is this extremely painful, it also puts you at risk of serious infection.
  • Internal damage: Organ damage and internal bleeding are incredibly dangerous injuries that can become fatal if not immediately identified and treated.

This highlights just how important it is to see a doctor as quickly as possible after a motorcycle accident. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to walk away with mild injuries. In other cases, a medical checkup could catch potentially fatal injuries before they reach the point of no return.

How the Team at Hicks Law Firm Can Help

Why should you choose Hicks Law Firm for your motorcycle accident claim in Tustin? To start, we focus exclusively on personal injury law. We are passionate about protecting our clients from the manipulation and unethical tactics of the insurance industry, whether they are involved in a car accident, a motorcycle crash, or another type of accident. We have extensive experience with a range of insurance companies, giving us the skills and knowledge needed to go up against the liable party’s insurance provider.

You may be wondering about court. It’s often comforting to know that most personal injury claims settle out of court. Since our team has secured massive wins both in the courtroom and in negotiations, you are in good hands either way your claim goes.

Contact Us to Start Your Accident Claim

If you’re ready to explore your legal options and start your personal injury claim, we’re ready to advocate for you. Set up your free consultation now by getting in touch online or calling us at 949-541-9944.