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Tustin Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Serving Tustin, CA

attorney Aaron HicksPedestrian accidents are a major problem in Tustin and throughout California, often resulting in serious injuries, massive medical bills, lost income, and other losses. Everyone knows to be careful around pedestrians, and yet, these collisions continue to increase every year.

If you are hurt in a pedestrian accident, you need to be proactive and talk to an attorney about your legal options. Call Hicks Law Firm at 949-541-9944 to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers now.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

If you spend a lot of time walking around Tustin, you’ve likely seen your share of accidents and near-misses. While some accidents are a result of pedestrian errors, mechanical malfunctions, and road defects, many accidents are caused by careless drivers. Some of the most common causes of collisions include:

  • Distracted drivers: Texting or checking GPS directions may only take a driver’s eyes off the road for a few seconds, but that’s more than enough time to strike an innocent pedestrian.

  • Impaired drivers: Alcohol was involved in 46% of fatal pedestrian crashes in 2019, and while impaired pedestrians are more likely to cross in front of a car when it’s unsafe to do so, drunk drivers are perhaps the greatest danger on California roads.

  • Speeding: The faster a driver is going, the harder it is for them to stop in time when they see a pedestrian. Speeding is a significant factor in many collisions.

  • Ignoring traffic signals or signs: There are many situations in which pedestrians have the right of way, but drivers either don’t know or don’t care. If a driver ignores the fact that pedestrians have a “walk” sign or a “no right turn on red” sign, they can cause a serious accident.

  • Aggressive drivers: People who are in a rush often make the worst drivers. A driver who thinks they can beat a pedestrian through the intersection or finish a turn before a pedestrian starts crossing can cause devastating damage.

  • Inclement weather: Slick roads or limited visibility significantly increase the risk of a pedestrian accident.

Injuries and Damages

Injuries vary quite a bit from accident to accident, depending on the severity of the crash, how fast the driver was going, and where the pedestrian was struck. Possible injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage, including muscle sprains and strains, dislocated muscles, and muscle tears
  • Traumatic brain injuries, range in severity from concussions that go away on their own to injuries that permanently limit certain abilities
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Cuts, scrapes, and road rash
  • Infection resulting from road rash
  • Mental health issues resulting from the trauma of a collision

As you can see, these injuries vary quite a bit in terms of the type of care they require. In some cases, you’ll just be sent home with orders to rest and hydrate. In others, you may require extensive medical intervention, long-term care, and permanent lifestyle changes.

How Safe Are California Roads?

California’s cities are known for being among the most walkable in the country, so you may expect our roads to be safer for pedestrians. That is not the case. Pedestrian deaths jumped 26% from 2014 to 2018, a trend that seems to have continued in the years since. In late 2022, the research found that pedestrian deaths accounted for 25% of all traffic deaths in the state. Even worse, nearly one-quarter of those were struck by hit-and-run drivers, making it hard for surviving family members to seek justice.

Long story short: you need to watch out for yourself when you’re walking, because you cannot always trust drivers to do the right thing.

Why You Should Choose Hicks Law Firm

When you’ve decided to seek compensation for an injury, you want an attorney who is willing to fight aggressively for you. That’s what you’ll get at Hicks Law Firm. Our team has an impressive track record of large awards, both settlements and jury awards. Since our lawyers have proven themselves in court, we are in the perfect position to hold insurance companies accountable. We know how insurance companies manipulate accident victims, and we know what it takes to fight back against these tactics. Let us advocate for you as you demand full and fair compensation.

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