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What Should I Do About Medical Bills After an Accident?

What Should I Do About Medical Bills After an Accident

Affordable healthcare is a major concern in California and the US. You must put your health first if you’re involved in an accident. If the negligence of another causes your injuries, you should have those costs covered through a claim through your vehicle insurance, on their liability insurance coverage, or a personal injury accident lawsuit.

Personal injury claims can cause severe, life-changing injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation can cost hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of dollars to cover. You shouldn’t bear these burdens if another party causes you harm. If you’re injured in an accident, call the Hicks Law Firm at (949) 541-9944 today.

Your Concerns About Medical Costs Shouldn’t Overshadow Your Need to Recover

Californians are rightly worried about medical care costs. Medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, according to a 2005 study by Harvard medical and legal researchers.

  • The US Census Bureau estimates that in 2021 about 7% of Californians lacked health insurance or about 2.7 million people. That’s about twice the number of people living in San Diego
  • There are many more underinsured who can only afford plans with limited coverage, high deductibles, and copays
  • Even those with traditional, employer-provided health insurance can suffer severe financial losses if they have serious medical problems
  • Those who use Medicare have a 20% co-pay unless they have additional coverage

But if you’re injured in an accident, avoiding or limiting medical treatment because you fear the cost is a bad idea. By doing so, you’re:

  • Probably making your situation worse, and it will likely take more time and money to resolve
  • Hurting your claims against the responsible party. You have a duty to reasonably limit the harm suffered in an accident. If you fail to do so, an insurance company will claim your health situation is due to your failure to get medical care, not the accident

Medical care after an accident is an investment to help you get your life back. Your costs will be covered if your personal injury claim is successful.

How Your Medical Care Can Be Covered After an Accident

Unless the insured is clearly liable for the accident, a company insuring the responsible party won’t pay your medical bills as they occur. They must be covered in some way until your personal injury claim settles or you’re successful at a trial. In the meantime, your costs may be covered through:

  • Your health insurance: You will likely need to inform your private insurance carrier, Medicare, or Medi-Cal if your injuries are accident-related and, if so, who the other party is. Otherwise, your care should remain the same. If another party’s covering your medical costs, they will seek repayment when your injury claim is resolved through a legal process called subrogation.
  • Your vehicle insurance: If you paid for medical payment or “personal injury protection” (or PIP) coverage, you can claim your medical bills through your policy up to the coverage limit
  • Payment through a lien: If you lack insurance, some healthcare providers will work with you on a lien basis. This lien will be against the proceeds of an insurance claim or lawsuit
  • Personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit: Outstanding bills could be paid from the proceeds of an insurance claim settlement or successful lawsuit

Whatever your situation, it’s not new to the Hicks Law Firm. We’ve represented injury victims who had no insurance and those with every private and government-provided insurance. Our personal injury attorneys will do everything we can to get you the best treatment possible.

Following an Accident, Get Help From A Personal Injury Lawyer to Recover The Compensation You Deserve

If you’re injured in an accident, hire a personal injury attorney from Hicks Law Firm to handle your compensation claim, including payment of medical and rehabilitation costs. While you focus on your recovery and family, we’ll deal with the insurance companies and perform the work needed for you to receive as much compensation as possible.

A Costa Mesa car accident attorney at Hicks Law Firm can help negligence victims obtain the maximum compensation is paramount. With more than 20 years of dedicated experience, we will champion your case to its completion. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact the firm today.

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