IME is short for Independent Medical Examination and DME is short for Defense Medical Examination.  You will hear these terms used frequently in personal injury cases in California by the involved parties.  Once a plaintiff files a lawsuit, the defendant’s attorneys will often request that that plaintiff be evaluated by their own “hired gun” expert doctor to negate and/or minimize the plaintiff’s claims of injuries and refer to the exam as an IME.  Let me assure you that it is anything BUT, independent. 

A true IME would be conducted by a non-interested third-party’s doctor that has no stake in the outcome of the case.  Using the term IME, implies that the exam is neutral and unbiased.  This could be nothing further than the truth.  The defense doctor is there to save the insurance company money, plain and simple.  As a plaintiff lawyer, I come across the same set of defense expert doctors, over and over, and most of their reports appear to be cut and pasted with identical assessments as previous plaintiffs that I have represented.  There is a reason why I see the same doctors used over and over by the defense.  They minimize injuries and save the insurance company money.  Meanwhile, they make millions of dollars every year by the insurance companies.  No wonder they always provide favorable reports supporting the defense’s position.  That is why we will ALWAYS refer to it as a DME.  Do not fall into the defense trap and refer to it as an IME. 

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